The Antioch Initiative

“For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.”
– Habakkuk 2:14

The Vision


In Acts 11 we are told that many of the Christians who scattered due to the break out of persecution congregated in Antioch. To the early church Antioch became the home base of many missionaries (including Paul) and the resourced established church that was able to support ministry and churches around the ancient world. It was the hub. It was the place where church leaders were trained, mentored and sent out. It was the place resources were gathered to go and alleviate sister churches in times of famine and persecution.


We believe that God has gathered a church here at Crossroads that can be a similar hub. A place where children are educated, community is cultivated and the next generation of leaders are trained. We want what is built to not only be a place of regular Sunday worship, but a place from which churches are planted and new congregations are formed to spread the knowledge of God’s glory around southwestern Ontario as the water covers the sea.

Our Way Forward


We have decided to move forward in purchasing land near the current Church building but have several “stop signs” that will help us to address some of our most common concerns and discern the will of the Spirit while we forge ahead. These include:
• We will reach an agreement with the District whereby we are able to own what is purchased and built outright.
• We will make our offer conditional so that we are able to have some assurance that we can do what we want with the land.
• We will gather pledges from the church family so that we can make informed financial decisions.
• We will stay committed to our church planting endeavours, not sacrificing one vision for another.

What Can You Be Praying About?

Pray for this vision. That it would be born out of Gods heart, not our minds. Pray for favour with the township, the district and for doors to open that would confirm our decision.

Your Part to Play

Prayerfully consider giving of your time, talent and treasure. Can your family help financially? Are you uniquely qualified to help in other ways? This is an ‘all hands on deck’ vision, so prayerfully consider your role in this big dream.


Dream with us. Imagine what is possible when we look beyond the usual scope of church on Sunday morning and programs throughout the week. With the right home base and enough resources, how can we begin to be the church of old, one where we fulfil our biblical mandate not just of corporate worship, but of community, education, health care and welfare?


If you find yourself with questions, please reach out to the Elders.


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