Community Outreach


Crossroads Market

The Crossroads Market is a free marketplace for friends and family within our church and community who are in need, large or small. These last couple years have been challenging in many ways. Our desire is to help those who may need help to provide food for their families.


Our mission is to share the story of Jesus, and what He’s done for us; through food and friendship.

GO Teams

A Gospel Outreach (GO) Team is any group of Christ-followers commissioned from our church to “go” and share: the gospel, our God-given gifts, and good works together with our community.


At Crossroads, we believe that a church on mission unifies in the gospel and the gifts for the glory of God. GO Teams missions equip our saints by example to normalize sharing the gospel together. In addition to leading Community GO Teams missions in accordance with major calendar events (Christmas, Easter, Canada Day, Halloween), our equipping evangelists also lead weekly Extreme GO Teams to example conversational evangelism.


Contact: Pastor Chris or Cory McKenna


CMFA Children/Youth Program (ages 5-14)

Our CMFA (Crossroads Martial Fitness Academy) children’s program is based upon the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and incorporates physical, mental and spiritual goal setting components throughout. (This self-defense program is primarily grappling based and does not allow striking.)


Self-defense training may become an extremely uplifting and enjoyable aspect of your child’s life and BJJ is an excellent art for developing young minds. It is a truly thorough workout with a strongly cerebral aspect that will truly capture their imagination, while giving them confidence, knowledge, body-dexterity, and fitness that few people will ever achieve. And it’s a lot of fun!


We invite you to come down and watch as your child tries out a class!


Contact: Cal Smith (contact for class times/location)



*Please note that if you know someone (whether inside the church or not) who is looking for a high quality but low-cost children’s activity you are welcome to invite them to come and participate.  They should be aware we are a church sponsored group.

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