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Here at Crossroads Youth we seek to serve our youth by providing a true “safe space” where they can challenge and question the spiritual and moral issues of the day. In addition to reasoning from the Scriptures (Isa. 1:18), we promote sport, activities, games, field trips, and outings, where life-long friends and family are formed.  


Jesus Christ is our great King! Let us hear His Word together and desire to become like him. Welcome to Crossroads Youth!  


Contact: Aaron Vegh

College & Careers

College and Careers at Crossroads is a casual gathering for the young people at the church! We generally play board/card games and socialize with one another. Weather permitting, we spend time playing games outdoors or have campfires. We have also put on special events such as rollerblading, beach days, and movie nights. The College and Careers group is designed to allow for young people to get to know one another, meet new people, and have edifying conversations about life!


Contact: Sam Mishchenko


Homeschool Co-op

At Crossroads we take very seriously Christian Education and placing both the evangelization and discipleship of our children back in the hands of parents, where God designed it to be.


Families need to be biblically equipped to live all aspects of life in light of eternity, understanding that God holds us accountable to steward the souls of the children with which he has entrusted us.


The primary vision of the Households of Faith Homeschool (HOF) Cooperative is discipling our children to build a solid biblical foundation in every area of life so they will faithfully follow King Jesus as courageous ambassadors.

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