Pastor of Discipleship

The Pastor of Discipleship is responsible to the Senior Pastor, who acts on behalf of the board of elders to manage the staff, carry out daily operations of the church and to carry forward the vision and direction of Crossroads Bible Church.


The Pastor of Discipleship must be a staff elder, which means that upon accepting the position will enter into Crossroads Bible Church Ordination of Elder process. The preliminary probationary period will last the duration of the elder assessment process, that being three to six months in duration, but not more than six months. Successful completion and admission to membership and to the Board of Elders is required to maintain the role.


The Pastor of Discipleship is expected to ensure that the following goals and responsibilities are fulfilled and is expected to work a minimum of 40 hours per week.


Church Office


To be present in the church office four days a week with regular office hours to deliver the following core services:


  1. In-person discipleship which can be booked personally or through the church administrative staff. This can take place on the church premises unless the parties agree otherwise.
  2. In-person Bible teaching and mentoring which can be conducted on the church premises.
  3. Delivery and oversight of primary Church Ministry roles and responsibilities (noted below) as well as assisting the Senior Pastor and Elders with other ministry areas as required.
  4. To assist the Associate Pastor in the integration of new church adherents to move them forward in the church membership and integration process.


Church Ministry


To oversee the following ministries of the church and report directly to the Senior Pastor or his designate regarding their ongoing concerns, goals, and direction:


  1. Small Group Ministry – including weekly questions, content, ongoing support/training and recruiting of leaders.
  2. Integration Ministry: This primarily includes assisting with new member interviews, baptism interviews and helping to place new adherents into discipleship groups and relationships.
  3. To receive mentoring from the senior pastor and to be a conduit of that discipleship into more capable and willing men through the small group ministry of the church.


This includes helping with their execution, leadership, and training in addition to ensuring the vision and direction for these ministries is consistent with the church vision established by the pastor and elders.


  1. To assist the Senior Pastor in teaching and preaching responsibilities by:
    1. Leading his own small group.
    2. Preaching and teaching as directed by the Elder’s board.
    3. Cultivating ongoing discipleship relationships with congregants as modeled by Barnabus, Paul and Timothy.
  2. To assist the Pastoral staff in the workload of special events such as weddings, funerals, baptisms and special events that come up in the life of the church family.
  3. Additional duties and responsibilities may be added by the Senior Pastor or the Board of Elders.


Summation: To assist the Board of Elders, under their guidance and mentoring in making sure that Crossroads Bible Church members are getting discipled and encouraged to grow in their faith and into the men and women of God scripture compels them to be.

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